Wedding Gift Ideas

This year has been full of love – and by love I mean weddings. We were invited to 8 weddings this year – is everyone getting married? We went to 6 of them, and had a blast. It is always so great to watch two people declare their love in front of family and friends, and to watch them start this new chapter of life together.

With all of these weddings obviously comes a lot of shower and wedding gifts. A lot of couples decide to have wedding registries that give a great outline of what kind of items they are looking for, and it’s easy to just pick something that way. Sometimes couples don’t register anywhere, or there may be nothing left on the registry by them time you decide to shop (which, if you’re like me, is always last minute).

It can be hard to find a gift that is timeless, memorable, original and something hopefully the couple will love for years to come. I still think of the people who gave us specific gifts for our wedding when I am using them, or see them in my house – I love how special that is!

I have created a sampling of the items we have purchased this year for gifts, and they are usually my go-to when I am unsure what to buy or the registry is a bit sparse. The items are useful, beautiful (I think), and I believe anyone would be happy to receive one of these items. Of course, it depends on the couple and their taste, but hopefully this list will help you a bit!


Alessi Cactus Photo Frame
This photo frame is so beautiful for the couple to put a wedding photo in – we received one as a gift at our wedding, and it’s a go-to for me every time. Made in Italy, stunning stainless with a cactus cutout.


Le Creuset Round French Oven
I believe every kitchen needs one of these – we use ours every week and it is so versatile. If you have a bit of a bigger budget, or can split this gift with another couple or two, do it – the couple will thank you! And it comes in a variety of beautiful colors to suit anyones taste.


Peugeot Salt & Pepper Mills
A beautiful set of Salt & Pepper Mills makes a great gift – there are so many styles, colors and options that you can really personalize a set to the couple. The Peugeot mills have a lifetime guarantee on their mechanism, so that makes the quality so great.



Vietri Serving Pieces
These handmade and hand-painted Italian pieces are beautiful and original. Getting someone a beautiful serving dish that is unique is always a great choice.

Of course I could go on forever, but these are my favourites! What are your favourite wedding gifts you have given or received?



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