A Mom’s Balancing Act

Being a good, attentive mom is hard. Being a good wife is hard. Being good to yourself is hard. Keeping your house clean is hard. Being a working mom is hard. I’m about to throw in taking a class into this mix…hard! Trying to do all of these things all at once…how do all of you super moms do it?!

After a busy summer of weddings, bridal showers, weekends at the lake, travelling, going back to work and spending time with family, I am happy to finally have some time at home on weekends to get back in a routine. To me, that means getting back to being active, spending quality time with my boys, eating healthy and staying sane.

Here are a few ways that I am planning to do it all – maybe some of this will help you new moms who are struggling to create balance in this new crazy life we call motherhood.

  1. Make a list!
    I love to make lists, and just this past year have become a day-timer addict. I cannot function without having things laid out for me (can you say mom-brain?). I have all of my activities (work, school, etc), my husbands activities, and my sons activities logged into my day-timer and my cell phone calendar in hopes that I won’t forget something. This also allows me to see where I have some free time for family, friends, and of course myself.I also like to make a list of all the things I *hope* to get done the upcoming week – cleaning, laundry, cooking, blog posts, small projects, etc. I LOVE being able to cross things off that list as the week progresses. If i don’t get it done, it becomes top priority the week after.
  2. Meal Plan & Prep
    I like to sit down on Sunday mornings and make a weekly meal plan. Then I hit the grocery store to get what I need for the week, and try to prep anything I can Sunday afternoons while Rory is napping.  Since I work until 6 pm 3 days a week, by the time I pick up Rory from day care and get home, I need to have a dinner that’s fast (less than 30 minutes) to whip together, or already have it cooked as he goes to bed at 7:15. Meal planning also saves me a ton of money because I’m not running to the grocery store every day, getting things I really don’t need in the end. What are your favourite quick weeknight meals?
  3. Schedule a workout
    This is something I have been seriously lacking in. I did great in the spring and was able to lose about 10 pounds from meal planning, working out 30 minutes a day and just being active. I had more energy and felt great about myself. I am making this a priority in October to be active 30 minutes a day, as I am a better wife and mom when I take this time for myself.
  4. Book Date Night/Day
    My husband and I have tried to make a monthly date night or day a priority since having Rory last August. We have been pretty good about it, but this summer we really had a hard time doing this with all of the summer weddings and activities we had. I really believe that making time for your marriage is so important, even if its just 1 hour at a pub having a cold beer, or if it’s a full blow night out, make it happen!

Tell me – what are some ways you have found balance with your work life, school life, family life?





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