Nice to meet you!

Hi there! I’m so happy you stopped by and I’d love to start my blog off by telling you a bit more about myself, and my family!

My name is Brianna, and I’m a new mom and food lover living in Canada. I’ve been married to my husband, Patrick, for 5 years and we’ve had our fur baby, Winston, for 8 years. You will see Winston in a lot of my pictures as he loves to photo bomb our sweet baby boy Rory, and is always by his side. He is a great big brother! Rory was born in August 2015 and has been the most amazing addition to our lives. He is a busy little boy and keeps me on my toes daily. I can’t wait to share some of his favourite things to do and to share some milestones as he grows.

We love skiing, golfing, swimming, spending time in the mountains or at the lake, and enjoying time with our families. Luckily our families live close by, so we definitely take advantage of that. One of our favourite things to do as a couple is to cook – you will get to know that with this blog! I will be posting some of our favourite recipes, as well as trying out new recipes and letting you know if they were awesome, or a total fail and we can laugh together!




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